For a few hours now, iOS 14.7 has been available to the general public. The opportunity for Apple to offer some new features but also to correct some particularly annoying bugs. A problem was also spotted on the new version of the operating system and the Apple brand had to hasten to propose a solution.

iOS 14.7 embeds several welcome new features

Concretely, iOS 14.7 can in certain cases prevent Apple Watch owners from unlocking their connected watch thanks to their iPhone paired using Touch ID. To compensate for the lack of this practical feature, the Cupertino company therefore offers its customers to type their access code directly into the Apple Watch and unlock it, rather than betting on their smartphone. If you have forgotten your access code, you will need to reset your connected watch.

For the rest, it should be remembered that Apple has jointly released its iOS 14.7, iPadOS 14.7, watchOS 7.6 and tvOS 14.7 updates. Regarding iOS 14.7 and iPad OS 14.7, we can note some welcome contributions. Thus, the weather app displays the air quality in France while Podcasts offers new setting choices that allow you to display all podcasts or only those that you are following.

Regarding watchOS 7.6, the update fixes several bugs and security flaws. We also note the arrival of ECG and arrhythmia functionalities in thirty new countries, while France was already benefiting from them. Note that this .17 update is probably the last change and the next ones should be quite minor before the release of iOS 15.

To find out more, you can find our very complete article which lists all the new features, but also the various procedures to follow. - Official app – Official app

By: Keleops AG