Apple challenged the famous director of La La Land to shoot a short film in portrait mode with his famous smartphone. History to prove, who would still doubt it, the prowess of the triple camera module of the iPhone 11 Pro.

In the mobile telephony market, the big names in the industry are racing to find the best design, the largest screen, the most autonomous battery… And, above all, the best camera. Because this aspect has become one of the most important in the eyes of consumers, who not only want to be able to take a selfie, but also to take pictures and even videos of professional quality. So what better way to prove that a smartphone is capable of it than to entrust it to real professionals?

That’s the whole idea behind the campaign “Shot on iPhone“from Apple. In order to praise the performance of the camera modules of its devices, the Apple brand regularly teams up with famous directors. Like our national Michel Gondry, who thus shot the short film Detour in 2017 exclusively with the iPhone 7, while for his part the American Steven Soderbergh has completely replaced cinema cameras with smartphones for two feature films. His thriller Paranoia first, worn by Claire Foy, released in 2018 in theaters, and therefore entirely turned to the iPhone 7 Plus. Follow-up in 2019 of his sports drama High Flying Bird, unveiled exclusively on Netflix (available from the SFR box) and filmed for its part with the iPhone 8.

More recently still, the indefatigable Claude Lelouch, who had the experience of filming a third of his last feature film, The best years of a life, with the X and XS models, went so far as to ensure in the columns of Grazia than “the vision offered by the iPhone is the one that comes closest to the human eye“. Then to promise, even:”In 10 years, we will only shoot the iPhone. “This is what is called a hell of a publicity stunt. And that was before the release of the iPhone 11 Pro and its triple camera module which is intended to be even more powerful than ever.

When the iPhone 11 Pro gives a new dimension to the western …

For its new flagship, Apple was still able to count on shock ambassadors. Starting with Lady Gaga, who unveiled earlier this year the colorful clip of Stupid Love, the first single from his new album Chromatica. A futuristic clip, signed by Australian director Daniel Askill, which turns out to be 100% shot with the latest gem from the Cupertino company. Then here it is that the latter has given the cover just a few days ago, still going to look on the side of the seventh art. It’s Damien Chazelle’s turn to play with the iPhone 11 Pro. And this with an unprecedented challenge this time: shoot a short film exclusively in portrait mode, that is to say vertically.

Suffice to say that the director of La La Land, but also Whiplash before, then First man and the Netflix series The Eddy after, took up the challenge hands down. This by choosing once again to pay homage to Hollywood, and more particularly to the stuntmen, offering (finally) the leading role to a well-known name in the profession: Tom McComas. Through this short titled naturally Lining, the Franco-American director shows the indisputable quality of the video on the iPhone 11 Pro by multiplying the genres and by connecting the winks. From silent cinema to action films to Impossible mission, through the musical, of course, and in particular the western. In this sequence, moreover, worthy of Sergio Leone, the famous American plan is no longer … Verticality obliges, the portrait mode offers a new dimension, just as striking, to the mythical duel with the pistol. We let you discover it for yourselves:

Besides the ingenious realization of Damien Chazelle, certainly helped here and there by small special effects – note the little asterisk at the end of the video: “Additional hardware and software used“, obviously – this short film thus highlights the pretty performance of the triple lens of the iPhone 11 Pro. Whether it is in the incredible detail of the close-ups, the vividness of the colors, a foolproof brightness. Or the stability of the image, when we see in the making-of unveiled by Apple that the director does his travellings all alone on foot, without any accessories …

So, amazed by the video performance of the iPhone 11 Pro? It’s your turn ! Hollywood cinema now seems within reach with this technological gem that is the latest high-end smartphone from the Apple brand.

The iPhone 11 Pro is available on the SFR store, from only 529 euros (+ 8 euros per month for 24 months) with the 80 GB 4G + package from SFR.

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