A Reddit user recovered her iPhone 11 a year after it was stolen. She thus indicates that she received a notification from the Find my iPhone application when she had lost all hope of getting hold of it.

Apple iphone 11
Credit: Cristian Musolino / Unsplash

It is relatively rare to find your smartphone after it has been stolen. Police of course have their own methods of tracing the path of an aircraft from the incident, but the chances of getting your hands on it remain slim. However, sometimes a few miracles take place. Reddit user u / Sweetmona1 experienced this, plus the icing on the cake: it had been a year since she last saw her iPhone 11.

In her post, she tells how an individual broke into his car to steal, among other things, his smartphone. She then acted in the only possible way in such a situation, indicating the lost device in the app. Find my iPhone, which allows you to find the trace of your phone … when it is on. Of course, thieves are aware of the existence of this feature and most of the time immediately turn it off to prevent GPS from activating.

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She finds her iPhone 11 a year later

With the passage of time, u / Sweetmona1 has lost hope of ever seeing her smartphone again. At least until she received an email yesterday from Apple, telling her that his iPhone has been turned on, and that it is an hour’s drive from her home. “I thought it was a scam”, she specifies. If in doubt, she then contacts the local police so that they can go and check the location. “I called the police, explained the situation and gave them my report number for the case. A great agent immediately went to the location and in just an hour my iPhone was recovered. ”

If the phone is obviously not one of the cookies used by the police, u / Sweetmona1 still had the chance to hand over iPhone. This does not specify whether she has purchased another device since the flight. What is certain is that she is very lucky, and that this kind of story remains isolated cases. So to avoid finding yourself in this situation, it is better to know what to do in case of theft or loss of your phone.

Source: Reddit