Apple is currently working on a MagSafe compatible external battery for the iPhone 12. This is in any case what suggests a line of code visible in the last beta of iOS 14.5. Attached to the back of the iPhone using magnets, this external battery would recharge autonomy while preserving the integrity of the battery.

iphone 12 apple magsafe external battery
A third-party MagSafe power bank.

In October 2020, Apple introduced MagSafe, a new wireless charging technology. Clearly inspired by the charger of the old MacBooks and the Apple Watch, the accessory allows you to hold charging supports, card holders or protective covers in place thanks to magnets located in the iPhone 12.

Apple was quick to offer a host of official MagSafe compatible accessories : a MagSafe charger, a MagSafe Duo charger to charge an Apple Watch simultaneously, cases or even a card holder. According to Steve Moser, iOS developer and editor at MacRumors, Apple aims to offer a new MagSafe compatible accessory: an external battery.

The iOS 14.5 update teases the arrival of an external MagSafe battery

Digging through the code for the latest beta version of iOS 14.5 update, the developer spotted a line evoking a ” battery pack »(Battery pack). For Steve Moser, this clue suggests that Apple is working on an external battery compatible with the MagSafe system. We imagine that this accessory would be attached to the back of the iPhone by relying on the magnets located inside.

The beta also contains a reference to a software limitation aimed at reduce battery wear. Concretely, this hypothetical MagSafe external battery would maintain the autonomy level of the iPhone 12 at 90%. This process helps to preserve “Battery efficiency”. Apple has already integrated several options in this direction within iOS. For example, the iPhone studies your habits (your wake-up time in particular) to adapt the way in which the battery is recharged during the night.

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Anyway, props did not wait for Apple to launch external batteries compatible with MagSafe. These third-party external batteries, available around € 15 to € 30 on sites like Aliexpress or Amazon, stick to the back of the iPhone 12 like the official standard MagSafe charger.