The iPhone 12 Mini does not meet the much hoped for success. In reaction to the disastrous sales figures of the small format smartphone, Apple has decided to drastically reduce its production. The Cupertino company will manufacture two million iPhone 12 Mini less compared to its initial objectives. On the other hand, Apple would have revised upwards the production of iPhone 12 Pro, one of the most popular models in the range.

iphone 12 mini
Credit: Thai Nguyen

In October 2020, Apple surprised by launching the iPhone 12 Mini, a smartphone built around a 5.4-inch screen. Offered at starting price 809 €, it marked the return of small format phones in a market dominated mainly by phablets.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 12 Mini has been largely shunned by consumers. The iPhone 12 mini would indeed only represent 4 and 5% of iPhone sales of the biggest American operators, against 24 and 33% of sales of iPhone 12 6.1 ″. Globally, the iPhone 12 Mini is believed to make up just 6% of total iPhone sales. The reduced size model would suffer from the comparison with the iPhone 11, less expensive and still on the market.

Apple will produce 2 million fewer iPhone 12 Mini

According to a new report from Katy Huberty, financial analyst at Morgan Stanley, Apple has decided to react to the disastrous sales figures of the iPhone 12 Mini. The Californian group would have recently asked its suppliers toremove 2 million units from the specifications. Unsurprisingly, Apple wants to avoid ending up with millions of unsold iPhones in its warehouses. It is not uncommon for the American firm to adapt its production objectives according to the first sales figures.

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In the process, the Cupertino company would have claimed an increase in the production of iPhone 12 Pro, the top-of-the-range version with a 6.1-inch screen. Apple suppliers will produce 2 million additional terminals to meet the high demand. According to Katy Huberty, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max would meet colossal success all over the world, with the exception of China. In the Chinese market, it is the standard iPhone 12 that is popular with buyers.

If the business results of the iPhone 12 Mini are confirmed, analysts expect Apple to give up smartphones with reduced screens. Thus, there should not be an iPhone 13 Mini in September 2021. Too bad? We await your opinion in the comments below.

Source: ped30