The iPhone 12 Mini is struggling to find its audience. Unlike other iPhone 12s for which demand is very high, the more compact model only appeals to a small handful of customers. As if the public were now definitely won over to large screen formats.

iPhone 12 Mini
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Chances are you will still run into people with a compact smartphone – which is bound to be dated – like the iPhone 5S, SE or even the iPhone 5C. However, it seems to believe the latest sales projections of iPhone 12 Mini in the United States that this type of customer is disappearing.

According to Counterpoint Research, iPhone 12 Mini only accounted for 5% of cumulative sales of all iPhones since its release in the United States. A straw when we know that the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are breaking records after sales records. We lack figures for the rest of the world but it’s a safe bet that sales of iPhone 12 Mini in Europe will resemble those in the United States.

The iPhone 12 Mini like all compact smartphones is no longer popular

Counterpoint also takes over a infographics in which we can see that the market share of smartphones with a screen of less than 6 ″ (Android and iPhone combined) has fallen inexorably since 2019. In December 2018, around 50% of smartphones sold. in the world had a screen less than 6 ″.

In December 2020, sales of smartphones under 6 ″ hardly represent a really significant market share anymore. The iPhone 12 Mini has a 5.4 ″ OLED display that covers 85.83% of the front panel. For the rest, it has the same technical characteristics as the standard iPhone 12, except for its battery of only 2227 mAh.

Battery that still delivers about 15 hours of autonomy in various use and 12.50 hours of video viewing – at least in 4G connectivity. Apple has in itself designed a daring product, one of the only borderless and OLED options in the industry on this type of format – especially with the best processor available from Apple.

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However, it seems precisely that because of this small screen size and its price – almost 900 euros – customers fear a discounted user experience compared to what an iPhone 12 Pro or classic iPhone 12 offers. A fear that does not have any place to be according to our test of the iPhone 12 Mini, even if the sizes above are undoubtedly more comfortable to consult films or series.

Counterpoint sales of compact smartphones
Credit: Counterpoint

Source: WCCFTech