The iPhone 12 Pro is officially available since Friday, October 23. Sold from 1,159 euros, the new Apple smartphone was eagerly awaited by technology enthusiasts. Manufacturers of iPhone accessories are already working on products that can accompany this new version of Apple’s famous phone, including Caviar. The Russian brand specializes in high-end accessories for smartphones and has just unveiled a new collection, “Warrior”, for the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Caviar has designed 6 shells, with prices ranging from $ 5,490 up to $ 46,460.

To justify such delusional prices, Caviar claims the use of genuine leather, gold and precious stones. The finishes are also made in titanium, carbon or with marble. The most expensive model, the Imperator, pays homage to Emperor Constantine, a very important figure in the history of Rome. The hull is partly covered in gold, hence its price tag at over $ 46,000. These exorbitant prices also come from the fact that the cases are manufactured in very limited edition. The Imperator model is sold only 7 copies, the Zulfiqar (at $ 29,690) has only 19 copies, while the other 4 models, between $ 5,490 and $ 5,650, each have 99 copies. The rarity of these objects should therefore encourage many buyers, looking for unique accessories, to get their hands on their wallets.

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