The iPhone 12 Pro has just been voted fourth best smartphone in photography and video by DxOMark. Despite strong performance, Apple’s latest high-end smartphone fails to match the scores of Huawei’s latest flagships, the Mate 40 Pro and P40 Pro, and the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. However, the iPhone stands out with its excellent video results.

apple iphone 12 pro design 2 test

The iPhone 12 Pro has just passed the test bench of DxOMark, the French laboratory which tests the camera of smartphones. Apple’s latest addition inheritsan overall score of 128 points. In detail, DxOMark attributes 135 points to the photo part, 66 points to the zoom and 112 points to the video.

Ultimately, the iPhone 12 Pro inherits the 4th place in the DxOMark ranking, just behind Huawei’s P40 Pro (132 points), Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra (133 points) and Mate 40 Pro (136 points). It should be noted that the new iPhone only offers slight improvements compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max released last year (124 points).

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The iPhone 12 Pro stands out in video

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is equipped with a triple photo sensor composed of 3 12-megapixel lenses (ultra-wide-angle, wide-angle and telephoto) accompanied by a 3D Lidar scanner dedicated to improving the night portrait mode. On the front, Apple is betting on a 12-megapixel selfie camera. Thanks to this hardware, and Apple’s software optimization, the iPhone 12 Pro is “So far the best iPhone in our database”. More complete, iPhone 12 Pro Max has not yet been tested by DxOMark. This large-format version is expected to do slightly better. It is distinguished by pixels 47% larger than on the iPhone 12 Pro, a longer telephoto lens and optical image stabilization by moving the wide-angle sensor.

“Its photo performances are solid in all areas” notes the lab. DxOMark particularly appreciated the “Autofocus always precise in most conditions”, the precise exposure, “Good color rendering outdoors” or the finesse of the details. On the other hand, the camera sins by a “Limited dynamic range”, “Frequent blue and green colors when shooting outdoors”, noise during low-light photos, and regular artifacts.

Like always, Apple stands out in the video industry. “The new model shines thanks to its video mode which, thanks to HLG Dolby Vision technology, offers a wider dynamic range than many competing smartphones” rejoices DxOMark. Among the strengths of the iPhone in video, we find “Beautiful colors and beautiful skin tones” and an “Effective stabilization”. Unfortunately, DxOMark has noticed that some colors tend to become predominant and a loss of detail “Indoors and in low light”. Despite these flaws, the iPhone 12 Pro remains an excellent smartphone for photographers and videographers.