What if the iPhone 13s finally got a screen with a 240Hz refresh rate? A patent filed in 2020 shows that Apple has managed to develop a touch screen capable of automatically switching from 60 to 240 Hz. The Cupertino company would thus cover all the Android competition.

iPhone 12 range
Credit: Unsplash

On March 10, 2020, Apple filed a patent describing a “Screen with multiple refresh rate modes” with the US Patent and Trademark Office, reports Patently Apple. The patent details how a screen is capable of automatically switch from 60 Hz (the frequency of iPhone 12) to rise to 120 Hz, 180 Hz and, finally, to 240 Hz.

As a reminder, a high refresh rate means that the number of images displayed per second is high. The higher the frequency, the more fluid a sequence. It is ideal for playing video games, consulting documents or watching videos. If 90 Hz and 120 Hz screens are now legion, few smartphones offer an even higher frequency. To our knowledge, only the Nubia Red Magic 5S and Asus ROG Phone 3 are able to go beyond 120 Hz. The two gaming smartphones climb to 144 Hz.

A 240 Hz ProMotion LTPO display for the iPhone 13?

Obviously, all eyes are on the iPhone 13, Apple’s next flagship. Expected in September 2021, the new iPhones should benefit from a ProMotion screen with a high refresh rate. The leaks are obviously counting on a 120 Hz screen. But according to this patent, Apple is theoretically capable of offering a higher refresh rate, up to 240 Hz.

To prevent that 240Hz display from ruining battery life, Apple would use technology capable ofadapt the refresh rate according to the content displayed, like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Likewise, it is rumored that Apple would like to use LTPO displays.

As always, there is no indication that Apple really intends to exploit the technology described in this patent. The Californian giant regularly patents technologies that do not end up integrated into its products. We’ll tell you more about the iPhone 13 as soon as possible. While waiting for more information, please feel free to give your opinion in the comments below.

Source: Patently Apple