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Until Autumn Apple Marquee Event, The name of the future iPhone family is anyone’s guess. Many people are wondering. Will the company stick to a sequential naming scheme this year? Here at CNET, we call the next flagship the iPhone 13 for continuity, but the wave of reports suggests that it may not be Monica of Apple’s choice.

Among the possible names, the iPhone 12S is rumored to be the leading candidate for this year’s series. Not iPhone 13. January Bloomberg Articles Citing an Apple engineer, he states that only minor upgrades are planned for the next lineup. This could be the “S” version of the iPhone 12. Frequently leaking Jon Prosser also pointed out the iPhone 12S.I’ve seen Apple use this naming scheme in 2015 in the past iPhone 6S, Replaced in 2014 iphone 6, And again in the 2018s iPhone XS, 2017 iPhone X follow-up.

But, Other reports Accurate, but next year the iPhone 13 won’t hit the shelves which one: Apple is expected to make a leap to iPhone 14 in 2022, completely excluding “iPhone 13” from its nomenclature. This is the reason.


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The name iPhone13 may be bad for your optics

It is a well-known fact that the association with No. 13 bad luck has a real-world reaction. Ask a real estate developer who is omitting the 13th floor from a skyscraper, a group of couples avoiding marriage on the 13th floor, or a psychologist who treats a patient with the 13th horror.

Apple knows that this unfavorable perception can scare customers and prevent them from buying the iPhone 13. So far, Apple hasn’t hesitated to brand its products at number 13. A13 Bionic With chipset iOS 13 For example, software updates. However, this is a higher stakes branding exercise as we are talking about the iPhone, one of the most popular consumer products to date. A product that generates nearly 50% of Apple’s billion-dollar revenue.

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iphone x iphone 8 8 plus

The iPhone X (center) released in 2017 is lined up with the iPhone 8 (left) and iPhone 8 Plus (right).

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iPhone 12S paves the way for major upgrades

By naming the iPhone 12S and skipping the iPhone 13, Apple will also be ready for a radical overhaul of the design when the iPhone 14 or 15 comes along and when the iPhone 14 or 15 comes out. I can do it. iPhone X.. You may remember that Apple skipped the iPhone 9 name in 2017 and followed the 2016 name instead. iPhone 7 With iPhone 8, 8 plus And iPhone X.. And keep in mind that the iPhone X has redefined design criteria and paved the way for the modern iPhone.

According to some accounts, the iPhone 14 or 15 (or what Apple decided to call it) could be the company’s long-awaited entry into the foldable world. smartphone..To be clear, we certainly Folding iPhone We may see the sunlight, but we expect it to be next year at the earliest. Apple already has a working prototype of a foldable iPhone display, but it hasn’t been confirmed to be available, according to a Bloomberg report released in January. Other retailers, such as Taiwan’s Economic Daily, have identified 2022 as the year in which the foldable iPhone will bear fruit. Well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo pointed out 2023.

Until Apple’s fall event, there is no guarantee of what the iPhone will be named this year.But if you want to know more about what we expect from Phone 13, or Ahem, IPhone 12S family, Read some summary of the most juicy iPhone rumors..

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