IPhones running iOS 14.4 will display an error if the photo sensors have been replaced by an unauthorized repairer with parts that are not genuine Apple spare parts. A similar message was already displayed when replacing screens with parts from third-party manufacturers.

iPhone 12 photo sensors
Credit: Unsplash

To believe the iMore site, iPhones will soon display an error in case of repair when the photo sensors have been replaced by parts which are not original. Apple displays the same type of warning for unauthorized screen replacement. As well as in the event of replacement of the fingerprint reader on older iPhones. The arrival of these error messages is confirmed in the code of iOS 14.4.

Not much else is known except the English wording of the error message: “Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple camera”, which should give in French “We could not verify that your iPhone has genuine Apple photo sensors”. There is nevertheless It’s a safe bet that the behavior is the same as for third-party brand screens. If this is confirmed, it means that the message will appear as a notification on the lock screen for a short time.

The error should also appear in the settings. But overall the smartphone should continue to function normally, without any limitation. The main implication for affected users is that they will see the error in the menus after the repair. What probably encourage a small number of users to upgrade. While encouraging others to systematically opt for repairs in an Apple Store or an authorized center.

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Apple does not really prohibit having his device repaired at the local repairer, which would undoubtedly have provoked an outcry from customers and consumer associations. In view of price of repairs invoiced by the firm, in any case, it is not always possible (or supposed) to have an iPhone repaired by Apple. For example, the price of an out-of-warranty replacement of photo sensors on the iPhone 11 Pro Max can cost up to 641 € (price of “other damage” repairs at Apple).

Source: iMore