The iPhone SE, Apple’s new low-cost smartphone, was released on April 24. Between compact design and powerful features, it has been widely commented on by specialists. Small press review on this device, which left no one indifferent …

A moment announced under the name iPhone 9, to fill the empty space between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, the new device released by Apple in April 2020 is finally called iPhone SE. A new edition of the low cost model offered by the Apple brand in 2016, which had already achieved great success. What does the specialized press say about this new edition?

Unsurprisingly, the criterion that comes up most often is the very good value for money of the iPhone SE. The site in fact speaks of it as “a small-format smartphone, at a low price … but with great performance”, while tech YouTuber Marques Boorwnlee doesn’t hesitate to call him “best accessible smartphone on the market”.

Its compact design, based on that of the iPhone 8, does not seem to be a bad point, since technical performance follows, as pointed out Endgadget : “For people who cling to old phones because new ones are too big, too expensive, or too fancy, the iPhone SE is the right phone at the right time, and at the right price.”

A feeling confirmed by a survey organized on the site Frandroid, in which 70% of the 3,700 respondents felt that the design was not that important, as long as the device is good value for money. This clearly seems to be the case, in particular thanks to the A13 Bionic chip, which is quite simply the same as that fitted to the iPhone 11 range. Phonandroid is also quite categorical on this:

“We won’t beat around the bush, the 2020 iPhone SE is by far the most powerful smartphone in its class.”

The iPhone SE, a retro look and a good photo mode

The retro appearance of the iPhone SE, including the return of the center button, even particularly appeals to certain journalists, such as Lauren Goode of Wired, who is writing : “iPhone SE reminded me that buttons work”. On the other hand, almost all the media points out that this design, users who already own the iPhone 10 or XR might not find their account, as explained by Patrick Holland of CNET : “It’s one of the few things that I’m not too excited about. It’s not ugly, it’s just dated. And some people might like it, but not me.” It all depends on what everyone is looking for their phone.

The photo mode has also delighted the specialized press, although the iPhone SE has only one sensor (12 Megapixels anyway). In the Wall Street Journal, Joanna Stern even indulged in the 7 differences game: “When I compared portrait photos taken with the $ 999 iPhone 11 Pro to those of the iPhone SE, I struggled to find the ones that looked better.”. What is confirmed by The Verge, explaining that he “Can be hard to tell the difference with an iPhone 11 Pro. Photos are crisp, colors are crisp, and the dynamic range is pretty good as well.”

In conclusion, identifies three types of people who might be particularly tempted by iPhone SE: “those who have an old iPhone and want to stay in the iOS world without breaking the bank, those who want to enter the iOS world (from Android or because they are not yet equipped) without emptying their bank account, and, finally , those who like small smartphones “. If you recognize yourself in one of these categories, it would seem that the iPhone SE is made for you …

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