In May 2015, EA Sports created the event by announcing the arrival of women’s football on FIFA 16. The studio explained that the addition of players to the game had been planned for several years but were delayed by certain technical constraints. Gamers were then able to choose from a dozen leading national teams including France and the United States.

Six years later, it’s the turn of the other great football simulation to take the plunge. Football Manager (FM) thus announces the arrival of a female version but it will still be necessary to show a lot of patience before its integration which will take several years. Once again, Miles Jacobson, the boss of Sports Interactive, specifies that his studio has been working on this project for a long time now.

A heavy but necessary investment

Women’s football will therefore join FM but it will not be an independent version, but an addition to the main game. In a blog post, the leader explains: “ Players will thus be able to switch as they wish from a men’s team to a women’s team, and vice versa. Women’s football will be an integral part of the interactive world of each of your saves. This world will just be bigger and more varied.

Miles Jacobson is not beating around the bush, he specifies that this operation will cost ” millions At his studio and that expected short-term returns will be limited. But for him it is about breaking the glass ceiling of women’s football in the longer term:

We believe in equality for all and we want to be part of the solution. We want to be part of the process and see women’s football playing on an equal footing.

In detail, Sports Interactive looked at the issue of the database which is one of the strengths of the game. It will nevertheless take time before it is at the level of men’s football, the one currently used having took 28 years to be incorporated.

Anxious to achieve the same scale of realism as for men, Miles Jacobson also expresses his concerns about the transfer system, which is different, but also other elements that must be taken into account:

Other questions also arise, such as this: at what level of detail do we start? There are many studies on the impact of the menstrual cycle on training and injuries, but how do you incorporate them without major effect on gameplay? And for the question of pregnancy? In case of pregnancy in the team or the staff, do we need 3D models for each step?

Finally, other problems are on the horizon with the need for teams to rewrite the 100,000 lines of the game and translate them to fit the genre. For all these reasons, the leader announces that it will take several years before the integration of women’s football into FM. However, he ensures that his teams are doing everything to achieve it as quickly as possible.