Available for eight months now, it is still very complicated to get your hands on a PS5. Whether it is the standard model or the digital version, stocks are scarce and frustrate many players. However, everything seems to be going for the best on the side of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The firm has just proudly announced that sales of the PS5 have exceeded the 10 million copies sold on July 18, making it the fastest-selling console in video game history. However, the shortage is expected to last for many more months according to Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Jim Ryan “feels bad” about PS5 shortage

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment

© Sony Interactive Entertainment / Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment

After many hopeful statements, the demand for PS5s is far too great and the semiconductor shortage seems endless. Thus, despite all Sony’s efforts to offer as many consoles as possible for sale and the first satisfactory (and even historic) results, it seems that the shortage around the PS5 is on course to last a long time.

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has been quite pessimistic and says he “feels bad” not being able to meet fan demand.

We have produced more Playstations faster than we have in the past, which I’m glad to see. But the flip side is that it’s going to be a while before we can meet all of the demand that exists. And I feel bad about it.
Our partners are doing a very good job on our behalf, but the chip shortage is clearly a challenge we all face.

At the beginning of June, the CEO ofIntel was quite pessimistic about the stocks of the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. According to him, the shortages could last for many years. Following this problem, a good number of rumors already evoke the production of new PS5 Slim using another kind of semiconductor. Alas, nothing official at the moment.

As a reminder, Sony sets itself to very big ambitions from the year 2022 with the goal of selling over 22 million PS5s in a single year. A feat difficult to imagine if the shortage persists.

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