It’s official, Microsoft is announcing an adjustment to the price of the Xbox Live Gold subscription. Remember that this subscription allowing you to play online on Xbox was launched 18 years ago, and has undergone a number of changes over the years. At the start of 2021, Microsoft felt that it was high time… to increase the price.

The price of the Xbox Live Gold subscription is getting expensive!

On its Xbox Wire space, the group explains: “We periodically assess the value and price of our services to reflect changes in regional markets and to continue to invest in the Xbox community. We will be making price adjustments for Xbox Live Gold in certain markets. In many markets, the price of Xbox Live Gold hasn’t changed for years, and in some markets, it hasn’t changed for over 10 years.

Concretely, Microsoft explains that all those who are already subscribed to Xbox Live Gold, will be able to renew their subscription at the rate already in force. So much for the good news. For the rest, Microsoft has decided to increase the price of the one-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold by one dollar, and the price of the three-month subscription by $ 5.

Thus, the one month subscription to Xbox Live Gold will be displayed at $ 10.99, the three month subscription at $ 29.99 and the 6 month subscription at… $ 59.99! Note that this price ($ 59.99) was until now that of the one-year subscription to the same Xbox Live Gold. In this regard, the annual subscription has completely disappeared from the new offer.

Obviously, this increase in Xbox Live Gold mainly aims to migrate the largest number of players to Microsoft’s other flagship offer, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Indeed, this formula (magic) allows to enjoy not only all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, but also of Xbox Game Pass, in addition to other advantages. At present, this price increase has been formalized only in the United States, but will soon be applied as well ”in other markets“…