Jeep Renegade Hybrid

© Jeep

As Jeep enters the hybrid vehicle market, the brand's new president, Christian Meunier, talks about an electric version, which he believes would be the brand's future.

Christian Meunier announces thus preferring to go in the right direction rather than to adapt wisely to the general evolution to follow the trend and the regulations.

Outstanding performance and silent operation, Jeep wants to get closer to nature

Of course, Jeep drivers aren't necessarily looking for pure performance behind the wheel of a 4×4 or SUV. They prefer to have a reserve of power, and especially of torque, available at all times. And this is exactly what an electric motor can achieve, even on a heavy vehicle, unlike a heat engine.

Jeep will thus be able to offer vehicles equipped with quieter and more environmentally friendly electric motors. For its manager, it is not just a question of building small, low-emission vehicles to compensate for the pollution of the larger vehicles, but of standardizing the entire range. Christian Meunier wants to offer a user experience “ irresistible "

The new brand director assures that Jeep is working on the development of vehicles combining compliance with new standards and real driving pleasure. All that remains is to convince the P.-D.G. of the FIAT-Chrysler group, to which the Jeep brand belongs, to move on to the marketing of this new generation of 4×4.

Source: Electrek