If Sony officially presented the design of the PlayStation 5 a few days ago, the KFC restaurant chain had fun trolling the Japanese brand as well as Microsoft and its future Xbox Series X console.

Are you tempted by a console with a chicken chamber?

A few days ago, KFC unveiled the teaser for the presentation of a new game console of its own. Soberly baptized the KFConsole, it has everything of a powerful machine, so that it is equipped with cross-play in addition to offering 4K at 120 fps.

In addition, it has a chicken chamber, obviously presented as much more efficient than a simple vapor chamber – while allowing a well placed reference to its famous buckets fried chickens. Enough to play his favorite video games by grilling his chicken directly on the device, in short.

If the KFConsole is already salivating some fans, it is clear that it is logically a joke of the American brand, in a context where the big players in the sector are preparing the release of their respective new console, the PS5 and the Xbox Series X. No console signed by KFC will therefore be released on November 12, 2020 as announced at the end of this short video teaser.

In 2018, KFC still announced the launch of a new branch dedicated to gaming, an entity entirely geared towards esports. At the time, the company made its ambitions clear by displaying the slogan " Player number 1 has joined the game In his presentation video.

The announcement might have seemed a bit surprising from the fast food brand, but companies in several fields have been tackling this discipline for a few years now. The popular French team Vitality is for example supported by actors like Red Bull, Adidas, but also Orange, Renault Sport or Alain Afflelou.