Lexus UX 300 e © Lexus

Lexus UX 300e © Lexus

For its first 100% electric car, the UX 300e, Lexus chooses air cooling from its battery pack to keep the temperature at an optimal level. To prove that it made the right choice, the brand will guarantee the battery ten years and a million kilometers.

The launch of the new electric SUV is planned for China this year. The European market will follow a few months later, while Japan will have to wait until 2021. The UX 300e should be marketed around 45,000 € in Europe.

Lexus chooses air cooling like Nissan with its Leaf

Nissan, for its part, has chosen an air cooling system of the "passive" type for its battery pack. Presenting its own conclusions, the Japanese manufacturer claims that its batteries will be able to last 22 years. For this calculation, Nissan would have based itself on the current state of wear of the 400,000 Nissan LEAFs in circulation in Europe since 2011.

Lexus has chosen an "active" cooling system. The latter is coupled with the vehicle's air conditioning system to keep the temperature of the battery pack at an ideal level. And for cold starts and climates, each battery module receives a heating element allowing it to deliver full autonomy, even in extreme conditions.

Lexus UX 300 e © Lexus

© Lexus

But if Nissan and Lexus / Toyota defend the efficiency of air cooling against all the other manufacturers who prefer liquid cooling, a study of 6,300 vehicles, carried out in 2019 by Geotab, indicates that the battery of a Nissan LEAF of 2015 is degraded by 4.2% in four years, when that of a Tesla Model S of the same year undergoes only 2.3% of degradation over the same period.

Geotab, a fleet management company, concludes that air cooling is less efficient in the medium term.

Up to 400 km of range for the Lexus UX 300e

The new Lexus is nevertheless seen to have a range of 400 km according to the NEDC cycle, thanks to a 54.3 kWh battery. The latter will be guaranteed for ten years or a million kilometers with a capacity of at least 70%. It will accept fast charging up to 50 kW and normal charging at 6.6 kW.

The vehicle will also accommodate a 10.3 "screen in the center of the dashboard to allow the driver to control the various functions. The dashboard will be accompanied by a high-end audio system Mark Levinson, with 13 The system will be compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The user will also be able to manage certain functions remotely from the Lexus Link application allowing, among other things, to control the air conditioning or the charging of the car.

Lexus UX 300 e © Lexus

Finally, the UX 300e will also be equipped with adaptive cruise control and the Lexus Safety System +, including several safety devices such as the collision avoidance system with pedestrian detection or assistance in keeping in the traffic queue.