BMW 5 series Hybrid © BMW


BMW is offering a facelift to the BMW 5 series and 6 series Gran Turismo. The opportunity for the German automaker to offer more gentle hybridization engine using a 48-volt alternator-starter.

The touch-ups are subtle for this facelift, so as not to distort models that appeal to BMW customers. If hybridization is widespread on the 6 GT series, it only concerns 50% of the 5 series engines, for the moment.

BMW 5 series 2021: sublimate an already successful line

Those who were waiting for an in-depth makeover of the current series 5 for its phase 2 will be disappointed. The stylistic evolutions are subtle, the most visible being undoubtedly that of the new LED headlights, whose rectilinear light signature clearly recalls the last series 3. The rear lights have also been revised.

Inside, the changes are also minimal. The iDrive 7 is part of the package, with a 12.3 "digital dashboard accompanied by a central touch screen of the same size. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are integrated into the system.

At the engine level, the new 5 series is available in four versions: 530i, 530e and 540i and M550i. The 540i hybrid version receives a 48-volt alternator-starter, but retains the same power as the old version, namely 335 horsepower.

The 530e plug-in hybrid sees its power increase to 288 horsepower. The first three engines can optionally receive an xDrive all-wheel drive, fitted as standard on the sporty M550i.

BMW 5 series Hybrid © BMW


The 6 Gran Turismo series at a time of hybridization

If its dimensions remain unchanged, the Gran Turismo is retouched with new optical units at the front as well as a redesigned spoiler and grille. Inside, in line with the new 5 series, the dashboard is composed of a 12.3 "screen seconded by another touch screen, located in the center of the dashboard. Driver assistance systems have been updated.

The main innovation of the new 6 series is the generalization of gentle hybridization on all engines. A 48-volt electro-starter can add 11 horsepower to petrol and diesel engines.

It will be offered with two petrol engines of 258 and 333 horsepower and three diesels from 190 to 340 horsepower, all of which will comply with the Euro 6d standard. The launch is scheduled for early this summer.

BMW 6 series GT Hybrid © BMW