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Located less than 20 minutes from Fremont in California, Lucid Motors is preparing to put into production its first model, the "Air". However, for Peter Rawlinson, engineer and P.-D.G. of the firm, the design of the Lucid Air is better thought out than that of its competitor, the Tesla Model S.

Peter Rawlinson knows what he is talking about. He is one of the few people in the world who can claim to be able to do better than the Model S he worked on 11 years ago, before its commercialization.

Who is the P.-D.G. Lucid Motor, Peter Rawlinson?

Peter Rawlinson, from Wales, is a former senior engineer for Jaguar, then Lotus before joining Tesla in 2009 to finalize the project " White star ”, In other words: the Model S. And if before landing in the business of Elon Musk, Peter Rawlinson did not believe in the future of the electric car, he quickly understood the full potential of the zero emission vehicle!

Lucid Air

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He was therefore at the head of the small team of engineers who gave birth to the electric car in charge of democratizing this energy. Peter Rawlinson is what you could call a man of the shadows, talented and respected in the community, who works on the development of the electric vehicle by combining the best possible technologies.

11 years later, we find him P.-D.G. from Lucid Motors, a company that is also preparing a state-of-the-art electric car: the Lucid Air, a large family sedan, the fruit of dreams and the multiple skills of the former Tesla Motors engineer.

Lucid Air, better than a Tesla Model S?

The big difference between the Tesla Model S and the Lucid Air, according to Peter Rawlinson, lies in the fact that each detail and each technology has been thought and designed by his own care, specifically for the vehicle, unlike the Model S for which it was necessary to assemble independently designed elements beforehand.

Lucid Air indoor

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The very design of the Lucid Air's hull makes it a true 2-volume sedan and not 3-volume, like the Model S, which plays on the rigidity of the car.

600 to 1,800 horsepower and 640 km of range

The Lucid Air's electric powertrain can develop 600, 1,200 or 1,800 horsepower, using one to three 900-volt permanent magnet motors, coupled with a very efficient in-house Mosfet inverter system. The prototype currently tested is capable of developing 1,100 horsepower on the battery and 1,000 horsepower on two engines.

With all the optimizations made since the first prototype presented to the press, the size of the battery could be reduced. If the idea seems surprising at first glance, better energy management has in fact made it possible to considerably reduce the electric consumption of the car.

Peter Rawlinso CEO Lucid

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Peter Rawlinson said in an interview with MotorTrend: " The battery has actually become smaller in terms of capacity, down from the original 130 kWh. You might say, "hey, this is a bad thing", but we have become so efficient that we can gain weight& nbsp ”.

The Lucid Air will be able to travel more than 640 km according to its creator, despite a smaller battery than announced at the start, which will have the advantage of considerably reducing the total weight of the car.

Source: MotorTrend