Infected applications have been downloaded eight million times (illustration). – Pixabay / niekverlaan

Forty-two Android apps available on the Google Play Store allowed the spread of malware. Researchers in security company Eset have spotted in these programs the presence of an advertising malware called "Android / AdDisplay. Ashas "explains Phonandroid this Friday. In total, the applications in question have been downloaded 8 million times in just over a year.

Once the infected application was downloaded, the malware manifested itself by displaying intrusive ads on the screen. To sow doubt, the first announcement appeared only twenty-four minutes after installation. The malware then continued to send his ads without arousing suspicion.

Google removes apps

To guard against the security tools implemented by Google, the malware anticipated the controls. If he detected an IP belonging to the American giant, he remained discreet by sending no advertising.

According to Eset, infected apps have disappeared from the Play Store for several months now. Once alerted, Google also removed applications that remained on its platform. They have been put online by the same developer. Eset says these applications are still available in third-party application stores.