Mass hacking at Nintendo

In recent days, many users have been raising alerts about fraudulent connection attempts to their Nintendo Switch. While many complaints were originally based in Japan, American and European users are also struck by what constitutes a huge hacking operation.

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Indeed, those who did not take care to activate double authentication on their Nintendo Switch, may have been victims of a fraudulent connection. The objective here is obviously to steal users' PayPal accounts. The players concerned have thus received an email from Nintendo, indicating a new expense via PayPal, relating (in general) to purchases of V-Bucks, namely the virtual currency of Fortnite.

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In all likelihood, it is users who linked their PayPal account to their Nintendo account that were clearly targeted here. On our various machines, no suspicious activity is to be reported, knowing that no means of payment is attached to any console. To view the activity of your Nintendo Switch account, go to this address.

For maximum protection, in addition to enabling double authentication, it is also recommended to delete your bank / PayPal data from your Nintendo Switch. Certainly, this requires each new purchase to have to link his account to his console, but it also avoids compulsive purchases, but also (and above all) access to bank data when the console is victim of a hack.

Recall that Nintendo has just released version 10.0 of the Switch's firmware. The latter allows you to take advantage of some significant innovations, with in particular the possibility of very easily transferring game data between the internal memory of the console and the microSD card. A Nintendo Switch that is becoming particularly difficult to find in stores, at normal prices, with resellers who do not hesitate today to offer the console for more than 500 euros …