Do gamers really still need to prove their generosity? Last year, the incredible ZEvent record already clearly demonstrated this. This is why players from all over Europe are soon preparing to go on a mission. This time, it is for the association Médecins Sans Frontières which since yesterday evening has appealed for donations via streamers to raise 2 million euros by April 27, 2020 for the nursing staff, the purchase of materials and the research around the Coronavirus.

Doctors Without Borders on Twitch

Doctors Without Borders Covid19

© Doctors Without Borders

If Médecins Sans Frontières is on the ground to save lives, gamers must stay at home. Like most French people. So it's from home that the players will help. Last night, a major campaign was launched. It’s simply one of the biggest European campaigns. The objective? Raise donations to help purchase materials, but also to support and search for caregivers on the Covid19.

From today until April 27, a hundred streamers will play, make LIVE broadcasts and entertain you with the sole purpose of collecting donations for the association. The goal is to reach 2 million euros in about twenty days. The operation takes place on the famous site "Streamlabs". An operation certified and organized by Médecins Sans Frontières themselves.

Lemon squeezer obviously supports this operation and I am very happy to participate myself in this big operation through my young Twitch channel. As of now, if you wish to make a donation, simply go to the following link, and click on one of the images with the Médecins Sans Frontières logo (the white and red logo). These images are located just below the video player. You will then be automatically taken back to the Streamlabs site to be able to make your donation.


Doctors Without Borders logo

The white and red logo of Doctors Without Borders

It is a great joy and an honor to be part of this solidarity chain, but hundreds of French and European streamers are also partners in this operation. There are now 22 days left to complete the goal, we are counting on you! Thank you all.