Remember, that was 6 months ago already, in November 2020 we offered you the full review of the Xbox Series X (and its little sister, the Xbox Series S). A new console signed Microsoft whose design, silence, but also power were greatly appreciated, despite a rather flagrant lack of games really “next-gen“. A new generation of Xbox which also inaugurated a new function: Quick Resume.

The Quick Resume finally strengthens its game!

A fairly magical function since the latter allows you to switch from one game to another, almost instantaneously, and resume your game exactly where you left off. However, as we had underlined in our test, the Quick Resume function clearly lacked finish, stability, and ergonomics. For example, it is impossible to know which games were affected by the function in question. With the new May update, Microsoft has finally decided to refine its Quick Resume!

Xbox Quick Resume

Indeed, not only does the update promise a more stable, faster Quick Resume, but it will also make it possible to clearly identify the games affected by the functionality. A new Quick Resume will thus allow to see if the current game supports the function, but a new group will also allow to know instantly the titles which are currently stored in the memory of the machine, and it will of course then be possible to toss them through this group.

Xbox Quick Resume

Like other groups, you can add this one to your home screen for faster access or customize the group by removing a game so that it is no longer in Quick Resume mode.”Says Microsoft. Excellent news then!

Added to this is a new direct audio authorization for multimedia applications, for optimized sound reproduction on Disney +, Apple TV, Plex… The Xbox Game Pass also gives pride of place to trailers, and we also have a new animated background called Particles.