Yesterday afternoon, Microsoft realized several announcements around the Cloud and the Game Pass. Great announcements that portend great weeks and great months to come for the Xbox ecosystem. However, Phil Spencer has always emphasized the importance of Xbox hardware and consoles. Thus, it is now official, the American firm is already working on the next generation and the machines which will aim to replace the Xbox Series X and S.

Xbox: Cloud and console gaming

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X © Microsoft

It is through our colleagues at Eurogamer that we learn some fairly important news on the eve of E3. Microsoft is already working on the new generation of consoles which will aim to replace the Xbox Series X / S. Obviously, the American firm is developing several machines “some of which will not be revealed for years”.

The cloud is key to our hardware and Game Pass roadmaps, but no one should think we’re slowing down the engineering of our base console. In fact, we are speeding it up.

A first satisfactory statement from Elizabeth Hamren, current Corporate Vice President of Gaming Experiences & Platforms at Microsoft. But the latter does not stop there and continues:

We are already working hard on new hardware and platforms, some of which will not appear for years. But even as we build for the future, our focus is on extending the Xbox experience to more devices today, we can reach more people.

Xbox E3 2019 - Project Scarlett

On the Xbox E3 2019 conference stage, Phil Spencer announces Project Scarlett for the end of 2020 © Microsoft

Regarding the current generation (Xbox Series X / S), Phil Spencer confirmed their development during E3 2018 before unveiling Project Scarlett during E3 2019. With the rise of Cloud Gaming, the arrival Google Stadia, Amazon Luna or GeForce Now, many players fear the end of video game consoles at the end of this generation.

Obviously, Microsoft is not ready to stop since Elizabeth Hamren also declares:

We want to deliver the most powerful and capable consoles in the world, devices that allow our players to enjoy incredible games for years to come, including gameplay that we can’t even imagine yet.

Microsoft therefore wants to develop the Cloud to completely remove the barriers to play, all over the world. However, the American firm still believes in physical media and considers that there is still room for PCs and consoles in the years to come.