For a few hours now, the new Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X have been available in stores. Many are those who have already been able to recover their precious console, and who are discovering the joys of games ” Optimized“, But also (and above all) the SSD which equips the two machines.

Xbox Series X going up in smoke?

However, on the networks, videos have been published, allowing to discover Xbox Series X … who smoke. Indeed, hard not to be shocked by the thick smoke given off by the console fan. Of course, as with every new product launch, Microsoft will have to deal with some defective units, but seeing an Xbox Series X go up in smoke is shocking …

© Xbox Studio

According to some, it is a fact, some Xbox Series X tend to overheat, and therefore go up in smoke … However, the reality seems very different, since this ” smokey effect Is very easily achievable, to make believe in a concern for reliability. Those who have an electronic cigarette thus simply have to blow the smoke at the bottom of the console, and the ventilation system will take care of bringing the latter upwards. All you have to do is switch on your camera, film it all, and spread a nice fake news.

On the side of Microsoft, we decided to react to this controversy, via Twitter. The official Xbox account says: ” Hard to believe we have to say this but please don’t blow your e-cigarette smoke into your Xbox Series X“.

Remember that the Xbox Series X has an extremely efficient ventilation system, but also particularly quiet, as we explain in our full test of the Microsoft console.