Presented in December 2019 during the reveal of the Series X at the Game Awards, the new Xbox controller does not really change Xbox One models. Already considered to be the best pads on the market, Microsoft has played it safe by offering refined and improved controllers, but above all without real new features. We simply find the “Share” button, present since 2013 on the DualShock 4 of the PS4, which has finally arrived on the Xbox controllers to the delight of players who like to capture and share their best moments in their games.

For its part, Sony is betting everything on its DualSense, which promises to be a revolution and which can really offer a gripping experience on certain games. Obviously, Microsoft is considering taking inspiration from the haptic vibrations as well as the adaptive triggers of the PS5 controller to improve the gaming experience on the new Xboxes.

Microsoft asks Xbox gamers about DualSense

Microsoft Survey Xbox Controller and PlayStation

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Many Xbox gamers (who got an Xbox Series X or Series S when they launched) may have received a questionnaire from Microsoft to give their first feedback on the new consoles. In this questionnaire relayed by our colleagues at TechRadar, we can discover fairly trivial questions, but others a little less.

In the “Controller” part, Microsoft asks for a lot of information around the famous “Share” button, but also asks players if they have been able to test the PS5 controller and if they regret the lack of features on the new Xbox pad. .

I am aware of features on PlayStation controllers that I would have liked to see on the controller that came with this console.

It’s quite interesting that Microsoft is keen to hear from their community about this. Is the Redmond firm aware of having a certain delay on this point? Either way, it would be really good to see Xbox bring these kinds of features to a potential new Xbox controller. On the one hand, so that Microsoft players can have the pleasure of taking advantage of this new way of playing. On the other hand, to encourage developers even more to use its features and not be limited to just one platform.

In the meantime, Microsoft has let it be known that the current controllers should receive an update soon so that they no longer have problems with random disconnections. And that is already a good point.