While continuing to focus on physical consoles, Microsoft is gradually deploying its cloud gaming service, xCloud. Currently, it is already available on Android smartphones, but the Redmond firm does not intend to limit itself to this ecosystem.

Like Stadia, xCloud aims to be accessible on as many media as possible. And currently, Microsoft is already working on televisions. In a recent interview with The Verge, Phil Spencer, the boss of Xbox, indicated that this application should arrive next year, in the next 12 months.

Previously, Microsoft had already mentioned the possibility that it will also launch an HDMI key, comparable to Google’s Chromecast, which will allow xCloud to be used on a television. As a reminder, currently, Google’s cloud gaming service, Stadia, is already accessible on televisions thanks to the Chromecast Ultra HDMI key. In addition, the Mountain View firm should also launch an app for Smart TVs.

Microsoft also wants to launch xCloud on iOS, thanks to the web

Note that Microsoft is currently looking for a way to offer its cloud gaming service to iPhone and iPad users, without going through the App Store. Indeed, if Apple allows cloud gaming on its ecosystem, the conditions imposed by the Cupertino company are very restrictive.

However, Apple had also suggested that if these conditions are not satisfactory, there is still the web. And it is precisely via the web that Microsoft could offer xCloud on iOS and iPadOS.

As Business Insider reports in an article published in October, during a meeting, Phil Spencer would have indicated to his collaborators that xCloud will be available on iOS, via browsers (and therefore, bypassing the constraints of Apple in terms of cloud gaming).

In addition, Microsoft is not the only cloud gaming player to develop a web version for iOS. Like xCloud, Google’s Stadia service should also be available on the Apple ecosystem through a web application.

The development of this mobile web version of Stadia was revealed a week ago. And testing should start soon. “This will be the first phase of our progressive iOS web app. As we test performance and add new features, your feedback will help us improve the Stadia experience for everyone. You can expect this feature to start rolling out in several weeks ”, said the Mountain View firm.

Otherwise, it should be noted that although Microsoft relies heavily on cloud gaming, it believes that physical consoles will still have their place. Phil Spencer believes there will be a hybrid ecosystem in which consoles and cloud gaming will coexist.

In any case, cloud gaming is so important to Microsoft that today, it considers that its main competitors in video games are no longer Sony and Nintendo, but Amazon and Google, two companies that have the necessary infrastructures to compete with them. xCloud.