Minecraft has just exceeded the 200 million downloads mark and counts 126 million players per month. Mojang Studios, which is developing the game, has just celebrated 11 years of Minecraft. Since 2014, the Swedish studio has been owned by Microsoft, which bought it for $ 2.5 billion.

Confinement has done a lot of good to this timeless game. Minecraft has seen a 25% increase in new players in the past month alone, as well as a 40% peak in multiplayer sessions.

Since 2016 and the passage of the 100 million downloads mark, Minecraft does not seem to show any sign of fatigue and continues to conquer even more new followers. The game owes a lot to live stream platforms like Twitch, but also to YouTube. Last year, Minecraft was the most popular topic on YouTube.

We can say today without any fear, it is probably one of the best acquisitions made by Microsoft. When the Redmond company bought Mojang, Minecraft recorded 50 million downloads. Since then, Minecraft has given birth to a giant community that brings together millions of players. It’s one of the most active and active gaming communities.

Thanks to this incredible audience, Minecraft has gradually become more than just a video game. Two months ago, Reporters Without Borders built a virtual library in the world of Minecraft to bypass Internet censorship.

More recently, Minecraft has partnered with the UN to promote barrier gestures in the midst of a health crisis due to COVID-19. "Over the next week, we will be dedicating space on our social media to important health tips from the recommendations of the World Health Organization. So if you suddenly come across a climbing plant asking you to wash your hands, don't worry: their schedule hasn't changed permanently. In the game, they want nothing more than to get comfortable with you and keep exploding. But on our pages, and for the moment, they also want to help end the pandemic. "