Tesla Model S

Thanks to a new software update, the Tesla Model S and Model X have a new mode called "cheetah", which always releases more power at startup.

The auto industry has always been the subject of a merciless war of figures. Which car delivers the most power, the best acceleration or the highest top speed? A small game in which electric vehicle manufacturers quickly took part, Tesla on the front line. Last September, for example, the Model S tried to break a record on the Nürburgring circuit. The American manufacturer does not hesitate to highlight the performance of its four-wheelers, among the fastest on the market.

Tesla in cheetah mode

And to always mark the spirits, the firm from across the Atlantic is carrying out multiple software updates capable of improving the capabilities of its machines. Like the "Cheetah" mode – "cheetah" in the language of Molière – recently implemented in the Model S and X Raven (versions equipped with a permanent magnet motor), as relayed by the specialized site Electrek.

Tesla Model S

The Elon Musk teams saw fit to name this mode because of the position of the vehicle once the option was activated: the front suspension of the vehicle is lowered, when the rear remains as it is. A posture similar to that of a cheetah during a hunting session. The fact is that a Tesla customer posted a demo of the new mode on their DragTimes YouTube channel.

45 additional horsepower

According to the figures obtained during the tests, its Tesla Model S Performance delivered 45 more horsepower at the time of starting, thus slashing the 0 to 100 km / h in 2.41 seconds instead of 2.47 seconds (the official configurator table on 2.6 seconds). And this despite conventional tires. The times observed could therefore be better with even better tires.

Source: Electrek