While we are unfortunately deprived of a new season of MotoGP, it is in the virtual that we will immerse ourselves to have our dose of motor sports. In addition to that, Milestone is ahead this year since this new MotoGP installment arrives particularly early (usually, the new games of the saga come out in June). Milestone has already taken over the development of the official games for the MotoGP season 13 years ago, and the studio has been bringing motorcycle games back to the fore for many years, which are far fewer than car games. . MotoGP, Ride, Valentino Rossi The Game, or even SKB there was a time, the studio continues to offer us more and more successful games. Is this new version of MotoGP up to par? We will see that right away.

Become the new world champion in the queen category!

In the heat-up of this test on this new MotoGP, we will make a quick run-down of the different game modes that are offered to us in this new edition. In total, there are five modes available to you. Beyond the traditional "fast test" and "championship" modes, which will allow you to take control of an official pilot of the MotoGP season (motorcycle 3 and motorcycle 2 included), to take part in a weekend of racing or a full season. You will also have online mode to be able to face pilots from all over the world.

MotoGP - Historical Mode

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It is also the return of the "historical" mode which allows you to delve into the history of MotoGP. A relatively disappointing mode. Indeed, you will have each time three tests to choose from (easy, normal, difficult), and you will have to meet the same objective: to finish on the podium. You will then earn historic points which will allow you to purchase historic motorcycles to unlock other events. The difficulty varies depending on the difficulty of the AI ​​and the total number of laps in the race which increases. It's a shame, because there were a lot of things to do in this game mode.
Finally, the last mode present is of course the career which will be the main mode of MotoGP 20. Alas, there again there will be a lot of frustration.

A future pilot is born!

MotoGP 20 Career

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It’s without question the main game mode of this MotoGP 20. There are three career modes to choose from. Either, you start from the starting point, you start your career in Moto 3, and you will hardly find a place in Moto 2, then in MotoGP to become the champion of the queen category. For the less patient, you can directly start with the Moto 2 category, or even with the MotoGP category. But beware, the more you go up in category, the more powerful the bikes are and difficult to master. So, naturally, the difficulty of the championship increases.

MotoGP - Agent

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The second step in your career will be to choose your agent. The man (or woman) who will represent you during your career (who may be replaced during your career). It will be necessary to check the salary of this agent, but especially his skills. The money he will make for you, his ability to negotiate your contracts and his ability to seek out attractive new contracts.

MotoGP - Stable

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Finally, the last step before you start will be choosing your contract and therefore your stable. You will generally have the choice between five contracts with fairly similar objectives. Goals that are really within your reach since you have the choice between different teams at the bottom of the table. Because yes, you are starting out and you will therefore have to fight to achieve good times and be spotted by teams of Moto2 then MotoGP.

MotoGP - Personalization

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Each MotoGP rider has his own identity, his own colors. And in this MotoGP 20, you will be able to fully personalize your identity. Create your own number, personalize your bike and your outfit in your colors, you will even be able to personalize your helmet. Of course, this is not easy, because the console editor is not very practical and this extensive customization will undoubtedly be reserved for the most patient of us. But whatever it is, it is present and can allow very beautiful creations.

MotoGP - Career Mode

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This is the big disappointment of this career mode. Like sports games like Formula One, FIFA, NBA 2K, this career mode of MotoGP does not have a scripted career mode. In other words, your entire career will take place in the menus. No cutscene, no press conference, no rivalry with other pilots, nothing. You will have to raise your reputation and your "popularity" only by achieving good performance during the races. Then, you will negotiate your contracts through the menus. It’s a shame when you see the cool things you can have in other games.

MotoGP - Research & Development

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A novelty that is closely inspired by the Formula One saga is the new research and development system. You’ll be able to improve your engine, your motorcycle’s frame, aerodynamics and electronics. This will not happen over a season, but over your entire career. It will therefore be necessary to perform well, to unlock points, recruit specialists who will work on different projects in order to improve your motorcycle after several weeks. Over the course of your career, you will then have a high performance motorcycle.

MotoGP - Penalties

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Your career will then follow the rules of MotoGP. Each weekend, you will be able to participate in four free practice sessions. If you manage to be in the best ten times of the last free practice session, you will be entitled to a qualification session. Otherwise, you will have to complete two qualifying sessions, then participate in the race. Note that you don't have to do everything. You can choose to do just the qualifications, then the race, or go straight to the race without testing and without qualifying. However, you will leave last. Then, you will have to drive properly and pay attention to the wear of your tires, your fuel level and the penalties. And on that, it’s pretty catastrophic. If you are driving dangerously and you drop another driver, no problem. On the other hand, if ONE wheel of your motorcycle dares to touch the grass (as it is on the photo), then it is a penalty of 0.223 seconds (and it can go up to half a second). Suffice to say that the penalty system is completely absurd.

MotoGP 20 – Between arcade and simulation

MotoGP 20 - Driving assistance

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For those who haven't touched a MotoGP game for many years (as I do), the first few hours are going to be brutal. Because yes, the time for "arcade" games is far away. MotoGP 20 is the perfect blend of arcade and simulation. The game should satisfy most players, although for the most part it will still take a few hours of adaptation.

A few seconds before the fall which arrives (on the photo just above) I was trying to get used to the arrows on the ground. I hate driving aids in racing games (motorcycle or car). When the brakes are automatic, you are too assisted on the ideal track to follow. For this opus, you have two choices. Either you have the ideal track to follow on the ground, or you just have a cornering aid. But both are catastrophic and not at all precise. As you can see in the photo, the arrows on the ground are blue, so logically my speed was adapted to negotiate the turn perfectly. In reality, no. In some cases, the indication is correct, but in most cases it will be necessary to anticipate your turns and brake before being told otherwise it will be a runway excursion. For those who prefer to have just a cornering aid (and not have the line on the whole track), it is even more random since you have just three or four points displayed in the corner and manage with that.

MotoGP Fall

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Suffice to say that for races in the rain it's … Worse. There, you will have to manage on your own, because the help on the track is far too random. So this is a bad point for novice pilots who will greatly need this help. Fortunately, you will be able to configure your game from A to Z for an optimal gaming experience. The difficulty of the AI ​​(from 1% to 100%), but also the piloting style (arcade, advanced, realistic). With an arcade style of play, your bike will be much easier to ride. You will not be safe from falls, but it will be assisted on the wheel lock system, traction control, etc. With a realistic driving style, you will be in simulation. So you will have to manage your gas so that your motorcycle does not pitch up at the end of corners, it will be necessary to manage the braking power so as not to block your front wheel and fall. Suffice to say that this MotoGP 20 has enough options to find after a few hours the perfect balance for fun, whether you are an amateur rider or an experienced rider.

My opinion on MotoGP 20

MotoGP 20 Reviews

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While we are deprived of MotoGP season this year, Milestone gives us our dose of thrill ahead of time. Usually scheduled for June, this new virtual MotoGP season arrives two months earlier. Graphically, the game is rather clean, without being the most beautiful game of the generation. We should avoid looking at the pilots too closely. In its content, MotoGP offers rather generous content that can occupy you for many hours (especially if you opt for the full career that begins in Moto3). We regret, however, that the career is so simplistic in its course, offering no cutscene, contract negotiations, or press conferences. In its gameplay, MotoGP 20 offers enough options to find the perfect balance and have a lot of fun whether you are an amateur pilot or an experienced pilot.

MotoGP 20

€ 49.99

MotoGP 20 test

WE love

  • All official licenses
  • The gameplay
  • The possibility to configure our experience from A to Z
  • Generous content
  • AI is pretty good

We like less

  • The inconsistent penalty system
  • A lot of absent modes that will arrive soon (MotoE, Red Bull Rookies Cup …)
  • Career mode perfectible
  • Not crazy historical mode
  • The entertainment, the scenery, the edges of the desert track …