Jaguar i-Pace

The Austrian equipment supplier Magna Powertrain, in which the Jaguar i-Pace is assembled, has demonstrated its know-how by optimizing vehicle performance by implementing its own technology.

Recall that the brand's first electric SUV did not wait for this boost to be elected car of the year 2019.

An amazing i-Pace Magna E4 prototype

Magna Powertrain didn't just optimize the management of the i-Pace's battery pack: it simply replaced the two electric motors with its own version. These go from 200 to 218 horses each, and can reach 245 hp on request, giving a maximum cumulative power of 490 hp.

Its new engines are managed by an electrical system specific to Magna. A system with three motors of 200 hp each has been tested, but it also requires three inverters, which represents a higher cost as well as additional weight which would affect autonomy.

The Austrian equipment manufacturer has also reworked the distribution of power and the control of traction and stability when cornering, allowing a little more oversteer depending on the driving mode chosen. The i-Pace E4's predictive electronic management can choose to switch the entire torque on the rear axle or deactivate it depending on the road and traffic.

+ 24% autonomy thanks to Magna E4 technology

To succeed in this feat, Magna Powertrain changed several parameters. First, it uses a larger portion than the official Jaguar version of the 90 kW traction battery pack. Magna does not specify the quantity that it actually uses on this prototype, the original version being limited to 84.7 kW.

All of these transformations, combined with optimized battery management, allow Magna to increase autonomy by 24%. According to the WPA cycle, the Magna Jaguar i-Pace E4 would reach 482 km instead of the 377 km of the original version. What to approach the autonomy announced for the new Tesla Model Y which arrives in France soon.

The equipment manufacturer thinks it can do even better by modifying the chemistry of the battery by playing on the parameters of cobalt and electrolyte.

A modified version which will remain purely a prototype

The Magna i-Pace is a working base, but it is not expected to become the version marketed by Jaguar. The collaboration between the equipment manufacturer and the manufacturer has made it possible to highlight various areas for improvement that Jaguar engineers will study.

Magna's E4 technology could nevertheless be used for future vehicles of the English manufacturer such as the large J-Pace SUV planned for 2021 or the Road Runner, an electric version derived from the Land Rover.

Source: Green Car Reports.