Expected for this fall, the next iPhone continues to be talked about, with many rumors about its accessories. While the absence of headphones had already been mentioned, several specialists suggest that the charger would also be absent subscribers …

Every release of a new iPhone is always a small event in itself. For the tech world, it’s a bit like fashion week. So during the months preceding the release of the next model, the leaks, rumors, indiscretions and other theories multiply. But when some come back regularly and insistently, the trend is starting to appear …

A few weeks ago, several leakers already claimed that the next iPhone 12 would be delivered without the traditional wired headphones provided by Apple, to encourage people to turn to AirPods. An understandable business tactic, especially since several studies have shown that very few people use the headphones that come with iPhones, and often because they already have a pair from a previous model. The AirPods range being set to grow considerably, with the AirPods X, AirPods Lite or the brand’s first headphones, AirPods Studio, we could easily guess the interest for Apple in no longer providing input headphones of range with its iPhone. But new leaks not only confirm this absence, but also announce that of another accessory yet essential: the charger.

It is once again analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, whose information is often correct, who threw this little bomb on the site. 9to5mac. After announcing the disappearance of wired headphones, he understands that the Apple brand should not provide a charger in the box of the next iPhone 12 either. Like the headphones, the chargers would now be sold separately, with a new model of 20W, which would replace those of 5W and 18W. In the absence of a charger, Apple would always provide a USB-Lightning cable, as with the Watches Series 3 connected watch. IPhone users are generally loyal to the brand, they could potentially use their current chargers, for a while. load which would then be variable.

An iPhone 12 without headphones or charger because of 5G?

But why this turnaround? Several explanations are put forward by the specialized press, and can be summed up in two words: ecology and economy. Apple will necessarily highlight the positive aspect of such a decision, with the cessation of intensive production of accessories, which often remain packaged in their original box. But it is above all the economic motive that seems to prevail, with as we explained to you the desire to encourage users to turn to the AirPods range, more expensive, and to buy the charger separately. As Apple customers generally have good purchasing power, selling accessories separately, without lowering the price of iPhones, is an attractive operation on paper.

Finally, some sources believe they know that these measures were taken to prevent the price of iPhones from rising, due to the integration of 5G parameters in the new models. The new technology developed would be expensive, and not providing the accessories would thus avoid increasing the base price of the iPhone. Another possibility to take into account is Apple’s desire to release completely wireless devices in the coming years. And so to start getting people used to the next iPhone 12, the release of which could be delayed, and finally be in October rather than September.

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