Needless to say, Netflix is ​​a giant in the video streaming industry. The company founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph even occupies a leading position in this particularly competitive sector.

Netflix has always had competitors, it doesn’t just date from the streaming era. However, this competition has evolved considerably and has become fiercer in recent years. Despite the many efforts made by Netflix to maintain its leadership position, Disney +, Apple TV +, Amazon Prime Video, and many other equivalent services are gaining more and more new users.

Some even prefer to subscribe to two competing services, which amounts to a monthly expense equivalent to a single Netflix subscription as the prices have evolved on the side of the giant. To remedy this, Netflix must redouble its efforts. This involves adding new content, new features and many other factors.

Netflix is ​​slowly moving towards gaming

If you like spending time on the platform, you must have seen interactive content pass by. The first of its kind was BlackMirror BanderSnatch, where you had to make choices using your remote control to influence the rest of the story. Faced with the success of BanderSnatch, Netflix decides to launch You vs Wild, an adventure series that takes you in the shoes of Bear Grylls, with much less success.

Anyway, the creation of this interactive content in parallel with the release of several adaptations of video game series (La Casa de Papel, Stranger Things …) leads us to think that Netflix has an idea behind its head … The Information confirms this ambition since according to the American media, Netflix is ​​considering seriously engaging in gaming.

Today, the SVOD platform offers us a large catalog filled with series, films, documentaries, and why not video games in the near future? This is indeed what Netflix would consider, offering its subscribers the possibility of accessing a new catalog dedicated to gaming. For the moment, these are only rumors, in no case Netflix has confirmed the existence of such a project.