Between Netflix and video games, it’s starting to be a beautiful love story. For two years now, the platform has not stopped adapting series or animated games. We can of course talk about The Witcher, Castlevania or soon the Resident Evil series and Beyond Good & Evil.

Netflix is ​​not the only platform that seems to appreciate this kind of adaptation since Amazon Prime Video will adapt the famous Fallout franchise from Bethesda into a TV series. Today, according to a rumor from an insider knowledgeable about what’s going on in the film and series world, Netflix is ​​in negotiations to obtain the rights to another famous Bethesda franchise in order to adapt it also in the original series. This second license is The Elder Scrolls.

Fallout at Amazon, Elder Scrolls at Netflix?

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Netflix

© Bethesda

Bethesda RPG fans are going to be happy for the next few years. Between the development of The Elder Scrolls VI, the potential development of a new Fallout as well as the Amazon Prime series, there are already some great projects. What if an adaptation of The Elder Scrolls came to join in the fun?

It would in any case be one of the desires of Netflix according to the insider Daniel Richtman which announced that the American platform would seek to obtain the rights of the license The Elder Scrolls. The idea would be to achieve something at least as ambitious as The Witcher series. A rumor which is supported by the fact that Skyrim, the last opus of The Elder Scrolls will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. To celebrate this anniversary, the announcement of an ambitious series would be a nice gift for fans.

Obtaining the rights to the Fallout franchise and leaving The Elder Scrolls to Netflix would allow Amazon Prime not to compete with its famous Lord of the Rings series. The latter is currently in preparation and will offer a universe quite similar to that of Bethesda’s game.

Either way, this rumor should be watched carefully. With the incredible universe of The Elder Scrolls, there would be plenty to do sensational things. As for the video game part, The Elder Scrolls VI was announced at E3 2018 and is not expected for several years on PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and possibly on PS5.