Monday June 21, 2021, it is not only the music festival in France or the beginning of summer. It is also the International Yoga Day. And as the Californian firm is used to, it takes advantage of the event to offer a sport and health challenge to Apple Watch owners.

20 minutes of yoga minimum

Recall that yoga is a physical and mental practice derived from hatha yoga, in the sense that, in the West, yoga is a term widely used to actually refer to postural yoga generally. Initially yoga is an Indian philosophical discipline bringing together several practices, including meditation and physical training (Wikipedia source).

In any case, you can pick up an exclusive badge and stickers to use in Messages or FaceTime by doing a yoga activity of 20 minutes minimum on the day of June 21, 2021, via the app Exercises on your Apple Watch.

Yoga day 2021 stickers

Yoga stickers 2021 © Apple

If you meet this goal, you will find your 2021 yoga badge in the app. Form on iPhone, “Trophies” section.

Yoga Day Apple Watch badge 2021

Yoga badge 2021 © Apple

This is a good opportunity to maybe try yoga as a great beginner. This is an activity with many scientifically proven goods : improvement of sleep, prevention of heart disease, reduction of stress, among many others.

Moreover, many yoga exercises are available on Apple Fitness +. Unfortunately, Apple’s sports video offering is still unavailable in France. - Official app – Official app

By: Keleops AG