Available since November 19, 2020 all over the world, the PS5 is facing major stockouts and the situation does not seem to be improving. The strong demand and the concerns related to the Covid-19 pandemic do not allow Sony to offer a sufficient number of consoles to satisfy all players around the world. However, the manufacturer does not have to be ashamed of the performance of his machine.

Last month, we learned that the PS5 was coming to cross the bar of 6 million consoles sold in just three months. It thus managed to match the sales of the PS4 during the same period. We also learn that the PS5 has already exceeded the total sales of three other machines on British soil …

The PS5 is off to a flying start!

PS5 PlayStation 5 test

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The Wii U, PS Vita and Dreamcast are now behind the PS5 in the UK. In just three months and despite supply issues, Sony’s latest machine managed to exceed total sales of the Wii U, PS VITA and Dreamcast on UK soil. We owe this information to Christopher Dring, responsible for the GamesIndustry.biz site, generally knowledgeable when it comes to numbers.

Fun fact. The PlayStation 5 in the UK has already sold more than Wii U, PlayStation Vita and Sega Dreamcast.

Of course, these are not the best-selling consoles in history, quite the contrary. But it’s funny how the PS5 has already managed to overtake them in just three months. On the other hand, it’s not the same song in Japan.

The PS5 still struggling in the land of the rising sun

PlayStation Decline Japan

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A report from Famitsu magazine indicates that the PS5 has just reached a new milestone in Japan. The console is still struggling with a drop in sales of -68% for the normal version and -59% for the Digital Edition. In any case, Sony’s latest machine has just reached the 600,000 sold mark. This represents 501,935 standard models and 99,031 Digital Edition.

As we were able to tell you at the start of the year, Sony seems presse-citron.net/playstation-sait-il-en-train-dabandonner-peu-a-peu-le-japon/. Over the years, console sales collapsed and the manufacturer did nothing to raise the bar. When the situation was already critical, Sony took the initiative to close the iconic Japan Studio in February. More than ever, the future looks bleak for PlayStation in Japan.