After a dantesque Resident Evil 7, a fabulous overhaul of the second opus, and a rereading a little less inspired by Resident Evil 3, the Capcom saga is back with Village. A Resident Evil Village which arrived a few days ago at Presse-citron, in its PS5 version. We obviously visited the length, breadth and depth of this new episode, which had all the ingredients in its bag to constitute an exceptional survival-horror, but which ultimately turns out to be successful, without waking up the werewolf who sleeps in us. Explanations.

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Resident Evil Village at test time!

Chronologically speaking, Resident Evil Village is a direct sequel to the seventh episode. So we find Ethan Winters, his wife Mia and their baby Rose, in a house lost in a secret place in Europe. Despite the tragic events at the Baker’s farm, all these little people seem to be living (more or less) normal lives until Chris Redfield coldly comes to slaughter Mia. Good atmosphere then. Then begins for Ethan (and for the player) a new adventure, which will involve him in a strange village, in search of Rose, and the truth.

The first act is a pure success

Obviously, this Resident Evil Village test does not contain any spoilers. We will therefore not go into the details of the scenario further, but you should know, as we will see a little later, that at this level, the game of Capcom offers very good things … but also some more questionable aspects. Still, the beginning of the adventure is a staging model, with a game that is both stressful, violent and very dynamic (limit too much), so that the first hour clearly bodes well for a pure leader. horror genre work. On this subject, it is possible to take advantage of a small summary of the situation at the beginning of the game, just to remember the events that occurred in Resident Evil VII.

Technically, the RE Engine is still doing wonders … especially when it comes to interiors. Indeed, in Resident Evil Village, some sequences take place outdoors, and it is then difficult not to tickle in the face of some poorer textures, but also (and above all) in the face of often totally frozen sets, which are sometimes sorely lacking. of life, of interaction.

Often photorealistic … but not always

Clearly photorealistic indoors (some sets are just incredible!), With the added bonus of sublime lighting effects, Resident Evil Village is a little less dapper when you walk a little outside. Nothing alarming of course, the whole remains very (very) visually pleasing, but keen-eyed purists will quickly spot some weaknesses (and even some frame rate drops).

On the gameplay side, we find this FPS orientation initiated with Resident Evil VII. If the whole remains very pleasant, it is difficult not to wince in the face of certain somewhat “old-fashioned” mechanisms, as well as a damn rigid sighting system with the lever in hand…

As for the puzzles, nothing too rocket science, it’s Resident Evil pure juice, since it will simply be a question of combining two objects, or simply retracing our steps a little later to unlock this mysterious door, and too bad for the consistency of certain passages. Overall, the pace is rather controlled, with the added bonus of a small passage very Silent Hill which is clearly one of the best moments of the game. Too bad, however, that Capcom has decided to offer the player such an arsenal so quickly, in addition to s ‘sometimes inspired by the very mediocre Resident Evil 6 …

Ethan Winters… or John Rambo?

In fact, the inventory, in addition to being XXL, is very quickly filled to the brim with ammunition, mines, bombs, pistols, rifles, magnums … In addition, the objects allowing to solve the puzzles are not supported in the inventory, and it is therefore very rare in this opus to have ” to make room To welcome this new, freshly recovered sniper rifle. Suffice to say that if fear is present at the start of the game, with a very vulnerable, very fragile Ethan, fear quickly changes sides, so that around halfway through the game (and even before), we have no no longer the slightest apprehension of meeting the slightest enemy, as imposing and hairy as it is …

In addition, by collecting objects, it is possible, at any time, to make pistol bullets, rifle bullets, a healing potion, explosives … No need for a workshop, everything happens directly via the Pause menu of the game, and we can thus quietly refuel if necessary, the materials being which more very (very) numerous. Suffice to say that the stress of the beginning, when one is armed with a small knife and a pistol, quickly gives way to full self-confidence when one is armed to the ears.

The bad influence Resident Evil 6 …

Beyond even the arsenal itself, Resident Evil Village also fishes with… its overload of action. Indeed, with Resident Evil Village, Capcom saw big, very big, a bit like with Resident Evil 6 at the time. And to tell the truth, we find here some of the major faults of this sixth opus, with sometimes totally exacerbated action phases, and a Resident Evil which takes on the appearance of Call of Duty or Lost Planet… If you had been disappointed / confused by the rather nagging end of Resident Evil VII, you may pout more than once here …

In reality, the game alternates between very successful phases, very captivating, very frightening, very Resident Evilesques in short, and others clearly less inspired, with the sole purpose of putting “some” mouthful To the player, even if it means completely abandoning Resident Evil DNA. This translates into very (too) action-oriented sequences, but also certain clashes which border a bit of the ridiculous … Not that a Resident Evil has to be “realistic” (although …), but some sequences do not. have (in our eyes anyway) clearly no place here.

The RE Engine works wonders

Resident Evil Village, a lifespan … of 8 hours?

And the lifespan in all of this? If you have followed the communication around the game a little, you probably know that Resident Evil Village offers various “bosses”, including Lady Dimitrescu of course. A Resident Evil Village which quickly appears to be very dense, very rich, with many places to visit. And Resident Evil Village will make you see the country, that’s undeniable… but that didn’t prevent us from finishing the game in 8 hours during our first run, in Normal mode. As explained above, from about a third of the game, we have a real arsenal of war, and the game then takes a completely different turn in terms of stress, fear… survival.

A too short lifespan will undoubtedly estimate some (it is lower than that of RE 7 or that of RE 4 to which this new opus is often compared), even if the latter does not constitute a real defect in reality. The game is rather well paced overall, with a few short lengths sometimes, but nothing that the desire to move forward in spite of everything will not be able to shatter, to find the end of this story. Let’s say that at least, apart from some frankly HS sequences, this Resident Evil Village did not have the bad idea of ​​artificially stretching the lifespan, as was the case on other opus (like RE7 to return to him).

Note that completers will be delighted to learn that there are “treasures”And other small secondary riddles which it is quite possible to pass if we do not search the premises a minimum (and that would be a shame indeed).

In addition to higher difficulty levels, Resident Evil Village also offers a Mercenaries for those who wish to prolong the fun once the game is over. A nag mode at will (necessarily), based entirely on scoring, already offered in previous opuses. Between us, if you are in the mood for a game and want to have “a little scared for the life of Ethan Winters“, Do not hesitate to launch this Resident Evil Village in Hard mode straight away, Standard mode being a walk in the park.

Our opinion on Resident Evil Village

Expected like THE game of the beginning of the year 2021, Resident Evil Village is a very good title overall… but Capcom’s game still disappoints on several points. The atmosphere is extraordinary, the RE Engine works wonders (especially inside), some sequences are just sublime and the scenario (although convoluted) is pleasant to follow, but what a shame to have favored the action at the expense of stress, exploration and survival. Too bad also to have thought that it would be wise to integrate these sequences directly inspired by Call of Duty and Lost Planet… In short, Resident Evil Village remains a very good title overall, and the majority of fans will no doubt be delighted. , forgiving him his few wanderings. On our side, we generally took a real pleasure in living this new adventure, but we remain convinced that there was undoubtedly better to do, to make this Resident Evil Village the excellent survival-horror that it should have been. .

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil 8 Village

WE love

  • Finally the continuation of the adventures of Ethan Winters!
  • The first section, of crazy intensity
  • Many environments of indecent beauty
  • Some really remarkable passages
  • Quite a few surprises!

We like less

  • Some frankly missed sequences …
  • Decorations often very frozen anyway
  • An arsenal of war and an XXL inventory
  • The survival side that fades (too) quickly in favor of action
  • Why the devil was inspired by Resident Evil 6 ?? !!