It's Resident Evil 3's turn to be "remaked"!

After a masterful overhaul of the excellent Resident Evil 2 early last year, Capcom did it again in April 2020 with the launch of Resident Evil 3 Remake. Again, it is a matter of offering players a modernized version of the hit launched in 1999, with the promise here of a partially reshaped scenario, with the added bonus of new sequences, new environments… After having completed the adventure in twice, the finding is generally positive, but difficult to overlook the few flaws of this new remake…

Resident Evil 3 (re) places players in the shoes of Jill Valentine, co-heroine of the very first opus, and who plays the leading role here. Back in Raccoon City, the latter will (very) quickly be confronted with a new threat, namely Nemesis, an invincible mutant soldier, whose sole and sole objective is to annihilate all members of STARS. Quickly, Jill meets a special unit of Umbrella, in which we find Carlos, who will act as "secondary hero" throughout the adventure.

An incredible first contact!

Obviously, there is no question of spoiler here the slightest script element, since as mentioned above, Capcom has not only reworked the technical part of Resident Evil 3 (with its RE Engine), but it also took the decision to modify many script elements. In other words, those who know the original game by heart will discover very (very) many surprises here. If some are excellent, others however leave a bitter taste, with sequences very (too) quickly dispatched, some (and not the least) passages of the original game totally removed, without forgetting a very "action" orientation, which may hinder some.

Resident Evil 3 test

On this subject, the first part (the first 2/3 hours) of this Resident Evil 3 Remake is a true marvel of design, with a really palpable tension, a very marked oppressive "survival" side, all supported by a realization graph to fall backwards. First moments of play (for me) as exceptional as those of a God of War 3 at the time for the intensity, or an Uncharted for the staging. What a slap! It's simple, the first hours of this Resident Evil 3 Remake are absolutely extraordinary.

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… but too much action afterwards

However, (because there is a “but”), this tension, this intensity, this fear that one feels during the first hours of play, tends to fall once you get your hands on an arsenal more therefore. And it happens quite early in the game…

Resident Evil 3 test

Thus, if crossing a trio of zombies makes fear for his life when one is equipped only with a pistol and some bullets, the approach is quite different when one has about sixty ammunition, 2 grenades , a shotgun and a grenade launcher … An "action" side which manifests (for my taste) too early in the game, and which breaks the "survival horror" side of the beginning.

Resident Evil 3 test

To this are added some very specific game sequences, which are also very (too) action oriented. The latter are relatively brief, however (fortunately), but from the middle of the game, we dream (more or less secretly) of being able to rediscover all the intensity of the beginning. A rhythm problem that seems specific to Resident Evil, since this was already the case in Resident Evil 7, and to a lesser extent, in RE2, with the part in the lab clearly less intense than the section in the police station.

RE Engine, lifespan and Nemesis

Technically, the RE Engine still works wonders here, and this Resident Evil 3 Remake is even more successful than the second installment launched last year. This manifests itself in particular by impeccable fluidity (on PS4 Pro), by sublime special effects (rain, fire, light…) and by faces screaming for truth. Admittedly, we find this somewhat too rigid handling, this impossibility of completing the zombies on the ground, this inventory management which dates from 1999, but overall, this Resident Evil 3 Remake puts the retina full and we take a real pleasure in eradicating zombies.

Resident Evil 3 test

A weak lifespan?

In terms of lifespan, in Normal mode, Resident Evil 3 Remake requires between 5 and 7 hours to be completed during the first run. Obviously, we can only advise you too much to take your time here, to search every nook, to admire certain decorations, rather than to rush headlong towards the objective. In this regard, Resident Evil 3 Remake offers (almost) no enigma, and offers a fairly steep progression overall. In the second half of the game, we do not escape this famous side "corridors", with sometimes some nice sequences, and others much less inspired …

Same observation on the side of Nemesis, with a colossus of a crazy class during the first hours of play, but which tends to gradually lose its splendor over the meetings. The latter are also quite predictable in general, just like the "fights", quite intense at first, but which tend to turn to the "Hollywood blockbuster" towards the end of the adventure, with a very staged setting (too) spectacular.

Note that the game also includes a full multiplayer mode, called Resistance. This is a brand new asymmetrical 4v1 multiplayer mode. If one player embodies the "mastermind", the others take the role of 4 survivors, who will have to collaborate to escape from a deadly zone in The time alloted. The set is quite successful, the sauce takes quite well if you evolve with friends, but it is obvious that some, who consider Resident Evil is a solo game, will not even bother to launch this Resistance mode.

Our opinion on Resident Evil 3 Remake

If Resident Evil 2 agreed everyone early last year, this redesign of the third episode may in turn disappoint some. Indeed, if the first 2/3 hours are of a (really) remarkable intensity, the game quickly borrows a tendency too "action", which will not be to everyone's taste. Certain sequences are also too quickly dispatched, just like certain meetings with the Nemesis, not always very successful. As it stands, Resident Evil 3 Remake remains a very addictive game, very enjoyable (overall) to play, with some obvious faults, and allows you to spend a good few hours, especially in the company of Jill Valentine. We still hope that Capcom will be able to offer some DLCs to extend the adventure, if possible for free, as was the case for RE7 and RE2.

Resident Evil 3

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Resident Evil 3 test

WE love

  • A RE Engine that will impress you!
  • The first two 2/3 hours of play, extraordinary intensity
  • Impeccable sound design
  • This palpable stress (at first)
  • Some excellent winks to the saga (and to the Capcom universes)

We like less

  • Unpublished passages, sometimes interesting, sometimes frankly missed…
  • This "100% action" side sometimes …
  • Weak lifespan, and very low replay potential
  • Some passages too quickly dispatched
  • Too many script changes?