The studies follow each other and are similar for the video game industry. This time it is the turn of the recruitment company TechNet to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the sector. For the year 2020, the video game market will thus generate more than 163.1 billion dollars (137.2 million euros), an increase of 11 billion compared to 2019. This is not for the hour as an estimate and this figure could still inflate with the releases of the consoles of new generations PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Tech giants rely on cloud gaming

As remark Advanced Television which relays this analysis, video games now account for half of the entertainment market. While the pandemic is hitting the film and music industry head-on, the video game world is doing extremely well. There are 2.5 billion players in the world. The balance of power is favorable to China where there are 500 million. The EU and the United States follow with 243 and 167 million gamers, respectively.

This study ultimately joins the findings of the recently published Juniper Research report. Analysts even predict a steady growth in the sector which could generate 200 billion dollars in 2023, against 155 expected for the year 2020.

Among the main growth vectors listed are free games such as Fortnite or Call of Duty Mobile. Ultimately, 99% of mobile game downloads would be free-to-play.

Cloud gaming should also continue to grow. If Stadia is struggling to take off for the moment, the Xbox Game Pass already seems to have found its audience. More recently, Amazon presented its new Luna service, already available in early access. Facebook has also chosen to do the same and is offering a beta version of its platform to certain American users. Each tech giant therefore seems to want to mark its territory in the promising on-demand gaming sector.