The Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly one of the biggest successes of recent years, whether in the world of video games or more generally in Tech. With nearly 80 million consoles sold in less than four years, as much to say that the domination of Big N is final.

However, the firm does not intend to rely on its achievements. The replacement for the Switch is already in the works and under development. In March 2021, Nintendo’s last born will celebrate its four years and will already be, according to the CEO of the firm, at half of its life cycle. The new console should therefore arrive for 2024 or 2025.

Nintendo: The replacement for the Switch being designed

Nintendo Switch Tegra 2 Chip

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When it comes to the Switch, it’s a little hard to imagine Nintendo’s future. How to do better than this console which seems to be heading straight for the sacred record for the best-selling console in video game history ? However, Big N is well at work and it is the CEO Shuntaro Furukawa who confirms it in an interview with the Japanese site. The Nikkei.

The life cycle can be further extended. (…) I have not at all decided in which year it will be released. However, we are still doing R&D [de recherche et développement]. The hardware and software development teams work closely together in the same department to brainstorm new entertainment proposals. The idea is to make a unique material, we have to do various preparations for several years […] The deciding factor for final commercialization is: can we create a new experience?

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Nintendo is therefore in the research and development phase to find a unique entertainment product to create a new experience. This will not be an easy task.

Meanwhile, many analysts agree that a ” Switch Pro Is undoubtedly in preparation. A more powerful model, allowing to extend the life cycle of the console while offering new gaming experiences to players.