With half the world's population in quarantine, it is imperative to find something entertaining to do to resist this period. This is why we could see that live stream platforms like Twitch are experiencing an increasing number of users, but also that the Nintendo Switch is in high demand.

Faced with this increase in demand, Nintendo asked its suppliers to produce more parts with the aim of marketing 10% more Switch compared to the 20 million units sold last year. This would bring the number of units sold to 22 million over the whole of this year 2020, while Nintendo had planned to sell 19.5 million.

At the moment, the Switch has become such a popular console that supply is struggling to keep up and stocks are running out, making it difficult to find any for sale. While most suppliers say Nintendo's demand is on the rise, a Japanese company spokesperson procrastinates, explaining, " We hope that suppliers will respond to the increase in production, but with regard to the supply of certain parts, the figures remain uncertain, and we cannot predict with precision how many Switch can be supplied.. "

In addition to the period of containment that has pushed new consumers to fall for the Switch, the curiosity generated by Animal Crossing: New Horizons should not be underestimated. This video game is such a success that it allowed the Nintendo console to achieve its best week of sales in its history in Japan.

If many companies are going through a nightmare in this quarantine period, Nintendo is performing incredibly well, and is even expected to break the previous year's record. The Japanese giant is also participating in the effort against the pandemic by supplying thousands of masks to hospital professionals in need in the United States.