Do you remember Luigi’s Mansion 3? Well this game, in case you didn’t know, was developed not by Nintendo, but by Canadian studio Next Level Games. This studio which has worked on other major franchises held by the Japanese company, so that the two companies seem to be closer and closer.

Precisely, by dint of mergers, Nintendo would consider acquiring the Canadian studio. This buyout would allow Nintendo to secure its development resources by keeping control over them. Next Level Games based in Vancouver, has proven itself for years with Nintendo by working on franchises available on GameCub, Wii, and DS, but also more recently by being behind the last two Luigi’s Mansion.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is one of the most advanced games on Switch, both technically and physically. Nintendo has decided to speed up the buyout process, and the Canadian company should join the ranks of the Japanese giant without further delay.

A buyback scheduled for next spring.

According to initial information, the transaction should be carried out on March 1. It is impossible to know more about the amount of this buyback, but we know that Nintendo wants to acquire 100% of the shares of Next Level Games, explaining that the financial impact should be minimal for the video game giant.

Nintendo, which continues to enjoy immense success thanks to its Switch console. This console was in particular highly sought after during the first containment measures, until it became almost impossible to find as demand exceeded supply. A few days ago, the Nintendo Switch posted a very telling new record by surpassing the NES in the ranking of best sellers. It must be said that 2020 was particularly favorable for video games. In addition, the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been a big boost in sales since it is only available on Switch and has already sold over 26 million copies.