Nintendo has decided to sue the developers of pirated software for the Nintendo Switch. This type of software makes it possible to launch pirated games, which Nintendo has always opposed. The Japanese manufacturer is targeting in particular Tom Dilts Jr, the developer of UberChips, as well as a group of anonymous hackers who own various websites intended to sell pirated software from Team Xecuter, capable of circumventing Switch regulations.

This software downloads a new operating system (SX OS) for the Switch to launch pirated games. Following the lawsuit, the UberChips site immediately ceased to exist, and Nintendo is requesting $ 2,500 per "Traffic violation". If UberChips has disappeared, there are still many online sites owned by this group of hackers. On some of them, the kits to unlock the Switch cost less than 45 euros.

It’s far from being a first for Nintendo. In 2018, the Japanese firm already sued many resellers of Team Xecuter products. A few months earlier, in September, Nintendo asked for $ 2 million from RomUniverse, a pirate illegal download site. The firm did not get the full amount requested, as in most cases, however it manages to shut down these malicious actors each time. It’s the never-ending game of cat and mouse.

Who would have thought that Nintendo would be able to win back so many followers with the Switch after the WiiU flop. And yet the Japanese company did it. The Nintendo Switch is so in demand that during containment it was sometimes impossible to find a dealer with stock. It must be said that in addition to not being able to leave home, users bought it to be able to play the latest Animal Crossing which is a phenomenal hit.