While Sony and Microsoft have launched new generations of their consoles, Nintendo would simply intend to offer an improved version of its existing console. According to some media, this improved version could be called Nintendo Switch Pro.

And today, the Bloomberg site indicates that Nintendo could present this new console before E3 which will begin on June 12, in order to allow the studios to present their innovations for this console during the event. Then the release would be scheduled either in September or October.

For their part, Nintendo suppliers would begin shipping consoles in July and an increase in production would be expected during the holiday season. In addition, Bloomberg also indicates that this new console would be equipped with a 7-inch OLED screen provided by Samsung and an Nvidia graphics card that will allow 4K output when the console is connected to a television.

Logically, this new version, with better characteristics, should cost more than the classic version launched in 2017. However, the price would not be fixed yet. Note also that after the release of this new model, Nintendo could gradually abandon the Switch launched in 2017 and favor the Switch Pro as well as the Switch Lite.

But of course, for now, this is still unofficial information. And therefore, caution is always in order.

In any case, if Nintendo launches the Switch Pro in September, it will be done in a particular context. Indeed, as you probably know, many industries, including that of video games, are currently facing a shortage of semiconductors. As a result, the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft, for example, suffered from stockouts.