Here we are for a few days in this new year 2021 and the assessments are not yet all completed. We are eagerly awaiting the console sales figures for last year, but also the first figures around the next-gen with the PS5 and the Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S.

We already know that PS5 sales in Japan are quite critical as it is Sony’s home console that has had the “worst” launch in its history. Nevertheless, it seems that this choice is wanted by Sony.

On the side of the other Japanese manufacturer, Nintendo, the latter seems to be doing very well with its Nintendo Switch in Japan and beyond. Last year, the Switch would have exploded some statistics, especially in the United Kingdom where Nintendo’s console would be (by far) the best-selling of the year, allowing it to compete with the PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S at the same time.

The Switch at the top in the UK

Nintendo Switch Tegra 2 Chip

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While waiting for the official figures from Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo, we can look on the side of social networks and more precisely on Christopher Dring’s Twitter account, the site manager who is generally knowledgeable about the numbers in the video game industry.

If the latter does not give precise data, it still gives us a big clue on the trends of consoles last year in the United Kingdom.

In the UK last year, if you add up every PS5 sold to every PS4 sold to every Xbox Series sold to every Xbox One sold… you get roughly the number of Nintendo Switches sold.

While the Nintendo console is slowly preparing to celebrate its four years (in March 2021), it seems to be in top form. Of course, the comparison is a bit misleading considering that the PS4 and Xbox One were really at the end of their cycle and the PS5 and Xbox Series X had significant inventory issues.

So it will be more interesting to analyze the numbers in the next two years when the PS5 and Xbox Series X are finally available worldwide and for everyone. For its part, the Switch could still be talked about in 2021 with the potential arrival of an improved version.