A little over 30 years ago today, Nintendo launched its very first portable console, with the timeless Game Boy. A console then equipped with a 2.6 ″ LCD screen (160 x 144 pixels), powered by a Sharp z80 processor running at 4.1 MHz and powered by 4 AA batteries. In 2021, some at Cult3D had fun developing the successor to the Game Boy, with… Game Man.

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Game Man, a portable console on a “human” scale

To develop this console called Game Man, Cult3D obviously used a 3D printer, and has also put the plans online free for those concerned. However, according to the words of its creators, this Game Man portable console is both “impractical and uninteresting“.

It must be said that if the little Game Boy of our childhood already had an atypical size, this vintage 2021 Game Man goes even further, with a 5.5 ″ screen here (in 640 x 480 pixels), but mounted on a shell which respects that of the original Game Boy.

Understand by this that the console displays a fairly gigantic size, with a directional cross and just oversized buttons. The console has a color screen, and is able to read Famicom cartridges, or games from the Japanese NES. To demonstrate his creation, the creator does a short session on the Super Mario USA game, better known here as Super Mario Bros 2.

© Cult3D

Like the Nintendo Switch, it is able to project the image directly on a TV, with however here an RCA connector instead of modern HDMI. Recently, the little Game Boy, the real one, had been used to… mine bitcoin. Not sure in any case that Nintendo appreciates this unofficial descendant of the Game Boy of the 90s, the Japanese giant was not very fond of alternative projects concerning its licenses and consoles …