Overloaded Nintendo servers

While Steam recently announced that it had record attendance this weekend, with more than 20 million players on Sunday, it would seem that Nintendo too is dealing with a massive influx of players. So much so that this massive influx of players seems to have got the better of the servers of the Japanese giant …

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Indeed, since this morning, the Nintendo Switch Online service has been experiencing significant difficulties, and many are unable to access the eShop, the console's virtual store. Even worse, the multiplayer mode of some games is no longer available. On the Nintendo side, we wanted to confirm the concern, and we obviously hope to resolve the problems as soon as possible.

Concerns that concern the United States, the United Kingdom, but also France, where the eShop is inaccessible in the middle of the afternoon. It is obviously the confinement linked to the coronavirus that causes this massive influx of players, and which puts certain servers in difficulty. We obviously hope that Nintendo will quickly identify and correct the problem, the Nintendo Switch will soon welcome a new game very (very) expected, namely Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Xbox Live or Discord also affected

Note that the Nintendo Switch Online is not the only one to know serious concerns, since Microsoft's Xbox Live was also out of service for a few hours this Sunday. The same goes for the famous messaging application Discord, which has also experienced serious problems.

Recall that a new Nintendo Switch Lite will be available on April 24 in Europe, with a Corail model. A console that will be available at the same time as Animal Crossing in Japan, but which will therefore arrive a month later in Europe. So be patient …