A Korean media affirms that Apple would not be ready to launch the marketing of its first foldable iPhone before 2024, thus leaving the field open to Samsung and its Galaxy Z Fold / Flip. The Cupertino company should provide a flexible screen from Samsung Display and LG Display. But neither of its two firms seems to be preparing to produce the components that Apple will need.

foldable iphone concept
Credit: ConceptsiPhone

For more than two years, the foldable iPhone has been the subject of rumors, indiscretions and assumptions. The launch with great fanfare of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold is certainly one of the reasons. The idea behind the integration of a flexible screen is to offer more flexibility in use or in handling. A smartphone can grow to become a tablet or, on the contrary, shrink to be more easily transportable.

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Samsung now offers both options, with the Z Fold 2 and the Z Flip. And Apple is also working on both options. A rumor from November 2020 claimed that the foldable iPhone would be intended to replace the iPad Mini. A leak from December 2020 estimates that Apple could move towards a design closer to the Galaxy Z Flip and the Motorola Razr. This second hypothesis was confirmed a few weeks later by a Bloomberg reporter.

Samsung and LG are still waiting for a signal from Apple

Whatever solution you choose, Apple is actively working on the project. But that would still only be a project. Indeed, an article published by the Korean daily The Elec states that foldable iPhone won’t be ready until 2024… If it ever happens. To assert this, the Asian publication relies on its sources at the heart of the local supply chain. Because Apple would have chosen to provide a flexible screen from the two Korean experts in smartphone panels, Samsung display and LG Display. And neither company seems to invest the money needed to create dedicated production lines.

However, it would be necessary that Samsung Display and LG Display get down to it now for a commercial launch in 2023. Since this is not the case, the Korean daily therefore concludes that Apple did not ask its customers. partners to do so. Two hypotheses are possible as to the explanation of this additional delay. First, Apple would like foldable screen technology is more mature, thus avoiding the inconvenience encountered by Samsung with the Galaxy Fold. Then Apple fears that the project is not sufficiently profitable.

It seems obvious to us that Apple wants to launch a device with a flexible screen. The numerous patents, about the hinge mechanism or the location of the camera, confirm this. There is therefore a very good chance that a product will one day be presented by Apple. But there is still a lot of work to improve flexible displays. This would explain the repeated postponements.

Source: The Elec