If this seems logical, Nintendo has nevertheless confirmed that it should absolutely not be attempted to clean the controllers of the Switch with hydroalcoholic gel in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic.

A cloth " soft and dry »To clean the Switch

In a tweet shared on its Twitter account, the Japanese company announces that the use of alcohol could cause discoloration or deformation of the plastic parts of the Joy-Con on the Switch. In another message, Nintendo indicates that this also relates to the use of disinfectant wipes which could cause the same result depending on the components they contain.

Rather than using alcohol-containing solutions, Nintendo recommends using a " soft, dry cloth " The cleaning technique is much more effective and less dangerous on many tech products that could be damaged by the hydroalcoholic gel.

However, this technique obviously does not protect against the coronavirus, since the latter can pass from the cloth to your body and infect you. In short, it is recommended to leave your Switch at home, not to lend it or to wash your hands well before and after using it.

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More generally, hand washing with soap must be one of the barrier gestures to be imperatively observed during this entire confinement period (and after …) in order to avoid the potential spread of the coronavirus.

If it may not be worth remembering, it is also not good to try to disinfect the legs and bodies of your pets with bleach or alcohol at the risk of burns and the like. The situation alerted several veterinarians a few days ago, so that they once again recommend the use of soap. On the other hand, no case of transmission of the virus from dogs or cats to humans has been reported.